Cristian Palomino

Cristian Palomino

Cristian Palomino is from Mesa, Arizona. He established C. Palomino Industries LLC in 2016 with a mission to help people transform their house into their Dream Home.

His efforts support his vision to create a Foundation that assists low-income and homeless people to realize pride of home ownership.  He strives to offer support and assistance to those who desire to renovate and create their own home.

Cristian brings together his talents — a mind for numbers, an eye for real estate opportunity, and a skill for managing teams — to flip houses, to renovate properties, and to build a network of reliable contractors to assist the process. Add to this his heartfelt mission to create dream homes for people and make the magic happen.

Life happens when you are making other plans. Cristian was like any other student. Attending school, earning good grades and a son that any mother would be proud of. One evening, while riding his bike he was struck by a vehicle. Cristian recalls sirens, loud noises and the worried looks on people’s faces. He remembers seeing his mother’s face before he passed out. A mother’s stricken look of knowing her son may not make it to see another day. Cristian was one of the lucky ones. Not only did he survive, he was determined to finish his education and make something of his life. Thus the indoctrination of C. Palomino Industries.

Invest. I find properties with great potential ROI.

Flip. I buy homes and renovate them as a business, personally and for investors.

Remodel. I assist homeowners and investors in planning and executing a remodel.

Design. I have a team of designers who can make a plan to serve you.

Refer. I have a network of skilled, trusted craftspeople who can come to your assistance.

Create. I make custom cabinets to suit your style.

Shoot. I provide photographs, drone videos, and 360 camera videos of real state properties.